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Before You buy elsewhere Ask if they OWN and work on Chrysler boats! We OWN 4 Personal Chrysler boats and know first hand what works and what doesn't. Some folks might say their your Marine  Parts Source but we truly own and work on them, so who's the real SOURCE? That's us in our Chrysler boat above! Click here for info on our boats and the Chrysler Marine Nationals we put on!


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The Most Important Step

Do not use rubbing or polishing compound(s) to clean the boat. Poli Prep is a concentrate cleaner (wear rubber gloves). Do not use full strength. Dilute three parts water to one part Poli Prep. Wet surface with water. Apply Poli Prep with trigger sprayer and scrub vigorously. Oxidation and stains must be removed (Poli Glow will seal in any stains on the surface, i.e. shiny rust stains) All colors have to be uniform with no light variations. Colored areas sometimes get a sunburned film or bleached layer over them. This needs to be removed. The surface does not need to be shiny for the application of Poli Glow, just clean and uniform in color. Let dry for one hour before applying Poli Glow.