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Passwords for Manuals that will be Electronically Downloaded will be sent with in 24 hrs of purchase

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We Now Have Operating manuals for your Chrysler Inboard!!


Choose the manual that is for your application. There is also a Master manual for the V-8's that includes hose routing and much more. Choose both for a more complete coverage. All these manuals are electronic and will be emailed to you with in 24 hrs. Most emails are sent out between 6-11PM Eastern

155 HP  M225D $15.00
200 HP   M273 $15.00
225 HP    LM318 $15.00
SuperBee II   LM318 $15.00
250 HP   LM340 $15.00
260 HP   M383B $15.00
300 HP  M440B $15.00
V-8 Master manual $25.00